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Ensuring Compliance: A Practical Checklist for Bank Risk Assessments

employee presenting cybersecurity risk assessment report

You probably thought you were done with the tests the minute you graduated college! But risk assessments, like a test for your bank’s security, will tell you something much more important than how well you know modern literature. Regular risk assessments are not just a regulatory requirement but also a critical component of a bank’s […]

How to Build a Strong Cybersecurity Culture in Your Bank

employee doing cybersecurity training to create a security culture

Do you know how many of your employees would report it if they accidentally clicked a phishing link? Studies have found that 43% of employees don’t report incidents because they’re scared of the consequences, 36% assumed they didn’t need to report, and 32% of respondents simply forgot. How confident are you that your bank’s employees […]

How to Protect Your Bank: Key Takeaways from 2023 Cybersecurity Incidents

meeting to train bank employees about cybersecurity risks

The banking industry, revered for safeguarding critical financial data, has faced a barrage of cyber threats recently. These incidents, while alarming, help decision-makers like you identify emerging threats and stop them in their tracks. Let’s delve into the key takeaways from these events and explore actionable insights that banks can adopt to bolster their defenses. […]

Business Email Compromise Solutions: How to Safeguard Your Workforce

bank employee protecting against business email compromise

Tens of billions of emails are sent every single day. Not all of them have that document you’ve been waiting weeks to receive. In fact, an estimated 3.4 billion emails are sent by cybercriminals every day. But how often are they being opened? Phishing attacks have an open rate between 17% and 53%, depending on […]

The Human Firewall

Lock sitting on a laptop

A recent study by a Security Awareness Training platform showed that the average rate at which employees of small banks clicked on phishing emails was 25% (the rate for bigger banks is even worse!).  Ransomware (malware that encrypts your data and only provides a decryption key if you pay a ransom) continues to be a […]

5 Ways Your Community Bank Can Be Threat Ready

A small lock sits in front of a credit card

What does it mean to be “threat ready” in an industry as sensitive as banking? The term is tossed around a lot. But what does that look like for your institution? In simple terms, being threat ready means having the right technology, trained staff, and proactive strategies in place to protect your bank’s assets from […]

Do Your Employees Know Password Best Practices? Strengthen Your Banks Security Starting From the Inside

notebook with passwords written on it using password best practices

In March of 2022, TransUnion South Africa announced that their records had been breached—the group that took responsibility for the hack claimed that they stole 54 million records. They also claimed that the server they hacked was protected with the word “password.” It’s the oldest security joke in the book but if what the hacking […]

The Real Cost of Cybercrime for Your Bank

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The hidden costs of a cyberattack are just that—hidden, below the surface, a ripple effect that can last for years to come. IT companies are quick to share stats about the average cost of a data breach (now at over $5 million) but what goes into those calculations? And is that just a loss of […]

5 Cybersecurity Misconceptions That Your Financial Institution Needs to Leave Behind

bank manager looking at laptop and updating his cybersecurity in banking policy

Cybersecurity in banking is a constant barrage of new threats, changing regulations, and customer worries. And your financial institution is a prime threat. Your business goes right to the source: the customer’s money! To protect your customers and your business, your cybersecurity needs to be top-notch. But there may be some banking misconceptions that are […]

Multi-Factor Authentication: How Having a Layered Defense for Your Bank Can Help to Combat Cyber Threats

employee using multi factor authentication

As a leader and decision-maker at your bank, you know that technology is a double-edged sword. It helps you work effectively, learn more about your customers, and make better decisions. But the online world also has the potential to destroy a business you’ve worked so hard to build.  We live in a digital world—there’s no […]