Frequently Asked Questions:

How does RESULTS Technology help keep my company compliant with government regulations? (SOX, PCI-DDS, HIPAA, FFIEC)

RESULTS provides a comprehensive managed technology compliance solution for businesses that fall under strict regulatory or internally imposed compliance mandates. This includes industry-specific compliance assessments and remediation, audit support by our Compliance Department, backup and business continuity, and monthly reporting for auditors.

How do I know that my data is safe with RESULTS Technology?

RESULTS is on the forefront of cybersecurity practices. We offer a multi-layered approach to security and use various tools for the prevention and detection of ransomware and data breaches.  Here are just some of the tools we use to keep our client’s data safe: 

·         Multifactor Authentication

·         Password Policy Management

·         Email Encryption

·         Data Loss Prevention 

·         Identity access management (IAM) 

·         Single Sign On (SSO)

·         Anti-malware 

·         Firewall Security

·         Remote Access Technologies

·         Advance Endpoint Security 

·         Mobile device Management

·         Advanced Email Spam Filtering 

·         Ransomware Detection 

·         Daily Vulnerability Scanning

·         Potential Threat Alerts and Isolation

·         Dark Web Monitoring

·         Penetration Testing

·         Vulnerability Assessments

We also offer Security Awareness Training.  This is one of the most effective tools to protect your company from a data breach and consists of self-paced, online training followed by phishing attempts sent by you or RESULTS Technology. You can gauge the effectiveness of the training by seeing who in your organization “bites” and then re-educate them as necessary.

Can RESULTS provide me with the kind of reporting that allows me to know what’s happening on my network?

RESULTS knows the importance of having appropriate documentation consisting of detailed descriptions and explanations of technology applications, systems, and procedures…especially if you have compliance regulations. We maintain documentation for all technology resources, including non-technical policy and procedural guidance, technical information such as hardware and software configurations, and application source codes. 

Some of the types of reporting available to you through our client portal include: 

  • Status of your managed devices
  • Detailed reports on each device
  • Executive reports
  • System health
  • Security patch deployment
  • Antivirus updates
  • Asset reporting
  • Installed applications
  • System backups
How can RESULTS help my company with Cloud adoption?

With RESULTS as your partner, you don’t need the resources of a large corporation to capitalize on the features of the cloud. We’ll host and manage your infrastructure and applications off-site for secure, streamlined, and leaner operations. We implement stringent cybersecurity protocols, automatically back up data, and provide remote, on-demand access. You’ll enjoy improved productivity, workflow agility, customer service, and profit margins.

Whether you want an all-in-one cloud infrastructure or a hybrid solution, we can design and seamlessly implement a customized cloud computing architecture that meets your needs and gives you a competitive edge.

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Being a victim of a security breach can be quite costly, from all aspects, ranging from downtime to even having a tarnished brand image. But the unfortunate truth is many SMBs are still not fully equipped, or even prepared to handle a security breach of any kind.

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