Business Email Compromise Solutions: How to Safeguard Your Workforce

bank employee protecting against business email compromise

Tens of billions of emails are sent every single day. Not all of them have that document you’ve been waiting weeks to receive. In fact, an estimated 3.4 billion emails are sent by cybercriminals every day. But how often are they being opened? Phishing attacks have an open rate between 17% and 53%, depending on […]

2024 IT Budgeting Guide: Where to Allocate Your Bank’s Resources

bank employees discussing IT budgeting for the new year

Technology changes so quickly—what will be worth investing in just a year from now? Rather than trying to predict the future, we’ll focus on what’s relevant and important today. By allocating your bank’s resources efficiently, you can better protect against cyber threats and ensure your operations run smoothly. In this guide, our banking security experts […]

How to Transform Your Bank’s IT Planning with the Help of a Strategic Advisor

banking team working with a strategic advisor

When you think of a strategic advisor, do you automatically think about a third-party consultant who knows nothing about your business and just wants to sell you some expensive hardware? There are “consultants” like that out there—people who just want to make major sales for their company and leave you worse off than you were […]

RESULTS Technology Receives 2023 Hire Vets Medallion Award from The U.S. Department of Labor

Award recognizes commitment to hiring veterans and ensuring a long-term career path November 8, 2023 – U.S. Acting Secretary of Labor Julie A. Su recognized RESULTS Technology as one of the 859 recipients of the 2023 HIRE Vets Medallion Award during a virtual award ceremony presented by U.S. Department of Labor. RESULTS Technology earned the […]

How to Successfully Migrate to the Cloud: Migration Strategies for Your Bank

bank employee implementing cloud migration

Does cloud migration feel like a passing fad to you? Or is it here to stay? The numbers don’t lie—per the American Bankers Association, 90% of banks keep at least some data, applications, or operations in the cloud. So, is it time for your bank to make the move too? Here’s what you need to […]

IT Infrastructure Upgrades That Can Enhance Your Bank’s Efficiency

bank executives in a meeting discussing banking IT upgrades

Are you in the thick of your 2024 budgeting yet? Although it’s often seen as a necessary evil—and you’d rather be making your holiday travel plans—a bank’s budget is an essential part of the success and growth of your institution. As you allocate resources and plan for the year ahead, consider the importance of your […]

A Closer Look at the Interagency Third Party Risk Management Guidance

bank owner performing bank risk management

How many third-party vendors have you used since starting work today? Since the rise of technology, third-party vendors have become an integral part of every bank. They provide various services such as IT solutions, payroll processing, and more. However, with their increasing use comes a greater risk for organizations—your organization. A collection of bank risk […]

Air-Gapped Backups: How They Can Help Secure Your Bank

bank employee getting data from air gapped backups

In the world of banking, data security is non-negotiable. The protection of sensitive customer information and financial data is not only an ethical obligation but also a legal requirement. And as cybercriminals get more advanced, we have to find new ways to keep our data secure. Could air-gapped backups be a hard-hitter in your security […]

RESULTS Technology Announces Commitment to Growing Global Cybersecurity Success during Cybersecurity Awareness Month 2023 

results technology cybersecurity

Now in its 20th year, Cybersecurity Awareness Month 2023 is highlighting the growing importance of cybersecurity in our daily lives and encouraging individuals and businesses to take important cybersecurity steps to stay safe online.  Media Contact: Darla Liebl Phone: 913.928.8391   October 09, 2023 —RESULTS Technology today announced its commitment to cybersecurity education by participating […]

Now is the time to implement multi-factor authentication

Cyber attacks are not slowing down. And with more and more people accessing company networks remotely, the problem is only getting worse. All it takes is one compromised credential or legacy application to cause a data breach. Now is the time to step up your security. Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) is a security system that verifies […]