Based on 1,351 customer satisfaction surveys, RESULTS clients gave our Service Desk an overall satisfaction rating of 93%

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Any company can create a good name or slogan; the real key is living up to your name and you certainly do. I’ve worked at several other companies who outsourced their IT support; Results is by far the best group of people I have worked with. I expect to be able to answer “5” on any company’s survey; what I enjoy most is Result’s icing on the cake. You hire personable, engaging people to make my problems go away, no matter if they are helping me get through a “Doh!” moment or diving deep for solutions that I wouldn’t know existed. 

Results Technology has provided us with the technology expertise we did not have internally. They are helping us create an overall IT strategy and have provided us with improved productivity and increased security and compliance. We are extremely pleased with their services and their friendly team. We love having access to the latest technology and IT best practices from a team that knows what they are doing. Not to mention the added benefit of predictability in terms of expenses.

The documentation and reports that RESULTS provides has helped us with our compliance needs. I would definitely recommend RESULTS to a friend.

We are very happy with the service that RESULTS provides and with the overall stability they have brought to our server environment.

Thank You so much for all you have done to get us back to where we want to be. Your staff has been professional, courteous and very prompt. I only wish our paths would have crossed sooner in my career.

Having a competent IT department to help all of our employees utilize IT while navigating cybersecurity and IT regulations is critically important for Angelina Bank. That’s why we chose RESULTS Technology.

We would not be where we are today without their help. RESULTS has a terrific crew of technicians, support people, good attitudes and they all work hard to make sure our stuff gets done and I thank them tremendously for what they were able to do.

RESULTS has dramatically improved our cybersecurity program. Their Invicta cybersecurity tool has enabled the bank to meet increasing regulatory expectations without exceeding our IT budget. We saw immediate benefits with reports, security alerts and quick remediation of vulnerabilities.

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