Cybersecurity Solutions for Community Banks: Invicta

Finally, enterprise-level cybersecurity solutions and protection for your community bank with INVICTA.
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Upgrade Your Bank’s cyberSecurity

Firewalls, email security and antivirus are important parts of any cybersecurity service plan and are included in RESULTS’ fully managed IT services offerings. But if you desire additional protection, we’ve got just the thing.

INVICTAsm is an enhanced cybersecurity tool crafted specifically for community banks or any small business that desires optimal protection from threats to their IT systems at an affordable price. It integrates with your existing cybersecurity investment to detect, alert, isolate and remediate any malicious activity.

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Here’s how Invictasm protects your bank:

  • Policies are enforced on workstations and servers to ensure that only legitimate changes and activities are permitted.
  • Each application schedule is inventoried and alerts are sent when anomalies occur.
  • Our network scan detects failed login attempts, changes to permissions and administrative accounts, changes to network configurations, and malware or “hidden” applications.
  • The scan also detects security vulnerabilities on all network-attached devices.
  • External vulnerability scans are run periodically against public firewall IP addresses.
  • Detected anomalies and alerts are forwarded to the appropriate technical contact.
  • Reportable events are captured and logged in the INVICTAsm portals.
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stay compliant

INVICTAsm is designed to meet FFIEC regulatory compliance requirements for system hardening, intrusion detection, vulnerability analysis, and reporting.

RESULTS Technology developed INVICTAsmto work in conjunction with our managed services to provide the highest level of information security and regulatory compliance. However, businesses can choose to use INVICTAsm with their own technical support resource as well.

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