Cyber Attacks Surge on Fridays: Who’s Managing Your Business’s Network Security Over the Weekend?

network security system under cyber attack

In the era of digitalization, computer networks and the internet are used to conduct operations and execute processes. However, network security systems have become susceptible to cyber attacks when not properly protected. These attacks can take many forms, but often involve the unauthorized access or theft of stored data.

In recent years, there has been a surge in cyber attacks targeting business networks on Fridays, raising concerns about network security over the weekend and long holidays. In 2021, the FBI reported a 69% influx of cyber attack complaints, increasing more frequently on weekends since 2019. While there are many ways to protect against cyber attacks, businesses can take steps to be prepared against the growing threat to safeguard their systems.

Why Are Cyber Threats More Frequent on Weekends?

Since there are still companies that are only open during the traditional Monday-Friday work week, those networks aren’t expected to have significant traffic or activity between Friday evening and Monday morning. If systems aren’t carefully monitored over those periods of lessened activity, there’s a greater chance for network security systems to be infiltrated by an attack. 

In 2021, there were cyber attacks around three different holiday weekends, and reports of over 2,000 cyber incidents in only seven months. The need for continual security monitoring is made evident by the increasing amount of attacks circulating around the end of the work week.

How to Avoid Cyber Attacks Over the Weekend and Protect Your Network Security

Cyber attacks can have a devastating effect on businesses, costing companies time and money. To protect your business network from these threats, there are security measures that should be implemented:

  • Keep systems up to date with the latest security patches.
  • Install and maintain a firewall on all devices.
  • Use strong passwords and change them regularly.
  • Use a managed IT provider who offers 24/7/365 security monitoring.
  • Install anti-virus software on all systems and update definitions regularly.
  • Restrict access to sensitive data only to authorized personnel.
  • Educate employees about cyber threats and how to identify them.
  • Back up data regularly in case of a cybersecurity attack.

If you are not already taking these precautions, it’s a good idea to implement them as soon as possible. By protecting your company‘s network security, you can save yourself the headache of going through a disaster recovery process.

Avoid a Weekend Cyber Attack by Teaming Up with RESULTS Technology

Businesses whose computer networks aren’t adequately protected from cyber attacks often find themselves victim to a breach. These attacks can result in data theft, financial loss, and even legal issues. Hiring an IT company like RESULTS Technology, who offers 24/7 help desk support and a team of experts to continually watch your network for threats, will allow you to feel safe from cyber attacks.

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