Curbing your Risk Appetite in the New Year

The holidays are behind us now, and many of us have made (and possibly broken) resolutions to reign in our appetites and make better decisions regarding our personal health and fitness. This New Year is also a great time to assess your company’s IT fitness, curb your “Risk Appetite,” and resolve to tighten up loose cyber security controls.

Daniel Lankard – Quality Support Analyst

If you are a customer of RESULTS, you may not have spoken to Daniel, but you’ve seen his work. He is our Quality Support Analyst. His job is to assist the Chief Technology Officer in preparing your Proactive Health Reports. It’s meticulous work requiring a significant level of technical understanding and attention to detail.

Employee Spotlight – Robert Headrick

Robert Headrick is RESULTS’ Senior Account Executive in the Lenexa office and has been with RESULTS since the beginning.

Robert was born and raised in Offerle, Kansas (population 177) and immediately moved to Kansas City upon graduation to attend DeVry University where he received his bachelor’s degree in Electronic Engineering Technology in the late 1980s. He has been working in technology ever since.