5 Industries That Are Most Vulnerable to Cyber Attacks in 2023

cyber security employee looking for threats

Cyber attacks are on the rise, and no industry is safe. However—some industries are more vulnerable to attack than others. If you are in one of the following five industries, it is important to take steps to protect yourself from these threats and ask yourself if there is a likelihood of a cyber attack on my company.

Here, we will go over what industries are most at risk, why these industries are at risk, and what you can do to defend yourself and your business.

What Leaves Companies/Industries Open to Cyber Attacks?

You may be thinking “what is the likelihood of a cyber attack on my company?” Cyber attackers take advantage of any vulnerability, from out-of-date software to careless employees. Industries that rely heavily on technology and have large amounts of customer data are targets because their data is valuable and often not as secure as it should be.

Other industries, such as healthcare and finance, are also attractive targets due to the sensitive nature of the data they store.

Additionally, many companies in these industries have yet to invest in adequate security measures, making them easy targets.

5 Industries That Are Most Vulnerable to Cyber Attacks in 2023

Now let’s look at the five industries that are most vulnerable to cyber attacks in 2023:

1. Finance

Finance is one of the most targeted fields for cyber attacks due to its importance and high-value assets. Over the past year, 67% of financial institutions reported an increase in cyber attacks.

As financial institutions move more of their operations online, they become increasingly vulnerable to cyber attacks. Banks need to have a strong cybersecurity system in place to protect customers and their valuable information. 

2. Healthcare

Healthcare is also a highly targeted industry as paper medical records have been transferred to digital files. This sensitive data can then easily be stolen by hackers.

3. Retail

Retail companies are at risk as they collect large amounts of customer data that can be used for ransomware or sold on dark web marketplaces.

4. Manufacturing

Manufacturing companies have begun using connected technology, making them vulnerable to attack if they are not properly secured.

5. Government

Finally, government agencies are increasingly becoming targets due to their access to sensitive data and the potential for disruption of services.

How can these Industries Better Defend Themselves?

Here are some steps that you can take to help ensure your business is defended against cyber attack:

  • Ensure that all systems are up-to-date and secure
  • Invest in cybersecurity training for their employees
  • Invest in tools such as firewalls and antivirus software
  • Additionally, smaller companies that do not have access to large budgets or big IT departments such as community banks should consider working with a cybersecurity services provider.

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