DCI Partners with RESULTS Technology to Deliver Unique Cybersecurity Tool to Banks

Data Center Inc. (DCI), the privately-owned developer of iCore360® core banking software and related technologies for community financial institutions nationwide, announced today they will be partnering with RESULTS Technology, the award-winning technology services firm specializing in the banking industry to provide a robust cybersecurity tool to its banking clients.

The move comes after DCI learned how a new RESULTS cybersecurity tool, Invicta VPS, helped provide their clients with additional protection during a dramatic nationwide increase in cyberthreats over the past six months.

“We are always looking for new ways to help further protect our community bank clients from continuous cyberthreats. The RESULTS solution augments our own security measures to protect banks beyond the barriers of DCI.” said Sencer Tasan, DCI CTO. “The RESULTS Invicta VPS solution goes beyond the basics to provide enterprise-level protection that community banks can afford.”

RESULTS’ Invicta VPS (Invicta is Latin for Invincible, VPS stands for Vulnerability Protection System), is a breach detection service that is unique in cybersecurity industry. Most cybersecurity tools are antivirus tools that focus primarily on the actions performed by executable files and heuristic-based detections. Invicta VPS is different because it hunts for vulnerabilities and unaddressed techniques hackers use to maintain access to their victims, specifically, Advanced Persistent Threats (APTs).

APTs are particularly harmful and hard to detect. Once on a network, they can sit undetectable for months, waiting for the right time to start harvesting sensitive information. When Invicta VPS discovers an APT, it immediately isolates the threat, locks down the hardware, creates alerts and remediation recommendations.

“More than 70% of all cyber security incidents today are the result of internal security issues that no firewall or anti-virus could have prevented” said Mike Gilmore, RESULTS Technology CTO. “Invicta VPS enables us to fight hackers head-to-head while protecting our clients from downtime, costly cleanup and damaged reputations.”

In addition to detecting APTs, Invicta VPS looks for suspicious activity, such as changes to the network registry, changes to permissions and administrative accounts, and changes to network configurations. All of these changes are techniques hackers use to bring down small businesses that traditional cybersecurity software does not detect.

Angelina Savings Bank in Lufkin Texas has been using Invicta VPS since 2019. “Our last exam report was the best the bank has ever had and we are thrilled! The examiner was so impressed with Invicta VPS. He said this was a “Big-Bank” product,” said Peggy Thomas, Chief Operations Officer.

Invicta VPS was created to easily integrate into existing business networks and does not require a cybersecurity expert to maintain or monitor.

“Invicta VPS helps banks fill important gaps in their own network security with an easy and affordable solution,” said Sarah Fankhauser, President and CEO, adding, “We think banks can trust RESULTS Technology’s combination of expertise, value and customer focus to deliver cybersecurity that is reliable, affordable and compliant.”

Patrick Murphy, President of RESULTS Technology commented, “DCI has a long and admired reputation in the core bank technology sector and we’re excited to work with them to help community banks stay safe from cyberattacks.”

Invicta VPS was recently hand-selected for inclusion into Bank Director’s “FinXTech Connect” – a directory of vetted fintech companies that is made available to members of the Independent Community Bankers Association.

About RESULTS Technology

RESULTS Technology has been helping banks transform IT and deliver fundamentally more value to the businesses they serve since 1995. The company specializes in supporting community banks by managing, measuring, reporting, using, and maximizing their customer’s IT assets. RESULTS Technology SSAE18 audited. This audit is the gold standard for service organizations and ensures that the firm’s controls have been strictly assessed by a third-party auditor. Headquartered in Lenexa, Kansas, RESULTS is consistently recognized as one of the top managed service providers in the country for the financial services industry. For more information, visit https://www.resultstechnology.com or call 913-928-8300.

About DCI

DCI is the developer of the award-winning iCore360® core banking software and related technologies for community banks nationwide. DCI is privately owned by a group of bank clients, with several clients serving as board members and user group leaders. In addition to iCore360, DCI provides integrated, digital omnichannel solutions for online/mobile/AI banking, onboarding, private ATM network/card management, tellers, remote capture, custom analysis, risk/vendor management, managed IT and more. Among other awards, DCI has been named a FinTech Rankings Top 100 technology provider by IDC Financial Insights, a FinTech ForwardTop 100 technology provider by American Banker and BAI, a multiple winner of the BankNews Innovative Solutions Award and endorsements from multiple regional banking associations. For more information about DCI, visit www.datacenterinc.comor contact info@datacenterinc.com.