RESULTS Reduces the Complexity of Vendor Management for Our Clients

Many businesses need help managing their IT-related vendors and RESULTS is in a unique position to deliver that service effectively and efficiently. In the traditional IT model, the corporate IT department (and perhaps other departments) managed many providers, including: • IT services company, such as a Managed Services Provider (MSP) • Internet provider • Domain host • Website developer • Security (network, website) • Cloud applications (SaaS) • Copier vendor • Telephone provider • Teleconferencing/Videoconferencing provider(s) In this old model, the MSP (RESULTS) was one of many vendors, and you acted as the central hub between all of them. But the old model isn’t working anymore. The IT world is experiencing a great deal of convergence. For example, telephone providers are pushing hard to internet access and teleconferencing. Website developers also offer apps. Businesses are adopting more services and solutions from the Cloud and, as they do, the number of vendors for you to manage is growing exponentially. RESULTS will analyze your vendor performance and manage your renewals. We will help introduce better vendors to you as current contracts and agreements expire. We provide services specific to your business simply by better use of the vendor tools you invest in. Working with RESULTS for vendor management empowers you by saving your time and money, ensuring you the best providers of goods and services. You can react more quickly and efficiently when dealing with just RESULTS, making outcomes more predictable and easier to control. Finally, you may find vendors are more responsive when your MSP (RESULTS) manages more than one of their clients’ accounts – there’s strength in numbers!