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Did your last IT support company just not deliver leaving you frustrated and right back where you started? Unfortunately, we hear these horror stories far too often. At RESULTS Technology, we’re different. Just ask our clients! Your success is our success and that only happens when your systems are running seamlessly.

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IT Support for Shawnee, KS Business Owners

How do we do it?

We provide full service, all inclusive IT solutions, IT compliance for businesses in the Shawnee area. Our support staff is local and highly trained. When you have an emergency you’ll speak with someone local who can solve your problem, typically in one short phone call.

What this means is this: We have a financial commitment to you, the business owner to keep your IT systems running at peak performance levels
your business deserves-24 hours a day, 365 days a year. The better your business systems run, the more efficient your business is and ultimately that’s why we’re here.

Is Your In House IT team overwhelmed?

Does your inhouse staff have too much work on their plate? Concerned things might be getting missed or ignored? Let us shoulder the burden for them. Not sure where to start with us? Try out our computer support or managed IT services to get a feel for what we do

We can help.

Whether you prefer onsite support or find that remote support fits better into your business, we can provide either or both option for you. Our job is to prevent downtime occurrences at all costs. If your systems are down, you and your employees are not productive.

At RESULTS Technology we combine strict adherence to industry standard IT best practices, consistent updates and top of the line technology. With a wealth of experience in the IT industry we deliver seamless, secure and highly stable IT environments.

With your business we know it can be a daunting task to find an IT Services provider you can trust and can deliver the quality your business deserves. All us to earn your business by consistently providing you with 99.999% uptime. We strive to be more than “just your IT guys”, we strive to work with you as partner in your business. Focus on running your business in Overland Park and we’ll take care of the “IT Stuff”. Eliminate the frustration, the guesswork and the hassles. Call us today to learn why outsourcing your IT workload is a great idea.

What are IT Services?

IT services includes managed technology services, business continuity, disaster recovery, backup, cloud services and a host of other services.

Our Tools

We have the tools your organization needs to run the day-to-day operations and best of all we provide them to you at a
predictable, flat rate that fits nicely in to your budget. We can guarantee your competition is using them, so why not play on a level field? We can customize a solution for you that exceeds your expectations, affordably and in the cloud.

Our tools simplify cyber security, maintenance and system control which leads to a robust digital work environment for you and your employees. Less downtime means more productivity and reliability. By sourcing our tool set in the cloud, we save you money by reducing the need to purchase equipment (which will breakdown over time) and software (which requires routine updates and licenses). The cloud provide you secure access, offsite to all of your business information.

Why you need the Cloud

We make the cloud work for you because we recognize every business has distinct needs and requirements when it comes to their systems and data. You’ll experience far less issues compared to on-site hardware because we take care of everything– from maintenance to security to ongoing support and updates–you worry about your business, we’ll handle the technology.

Make the change over to the cloud now with RESULTS Technology assisting you every step of the way. Call us toll free at (877) 435-8877 or contact us to find out about our cloud services in Overland Park and the surrounding areas.

Security for Your Shawnee Business

The internet is constantly changing, often in real time. Hackers are constantly developing new ways to steal or corrupt your data.

The news is chock full of stories about organizations of all sizes struggling with damaged, lost, stolen or virus affected systems. As a business owner, you need to be aware of the following: the loss of reputation, customers, and financial impact of a security breach.Highly sensitive data is everywhere these days, ranging from laptops, desktop computers, servers and even phones. All of these devices that access your network, require extensive protection. Also, some type of data are required to have security for compliance laws. This can include things like client credit card information, HIPAA health records and competitive advantage IP (intellectual property). RESULTS Technology is the areas leading expert for IT compliance solutions. In fact we specialize in compliance for banks and financial institutions.

Your Shawnee Kansas organization should address their responsibilities toward data integrity and protect accordingly.There has been a sharp rise in malicious attacks within recent years, RESULTS Technology is recommending that extra security services be applied to your companies systems. The solutions listed below will provide a more powerful standard of protection for your information. In certain cases, your organization’s data, additional security services may be needed.

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