Save IT costs by virtualizing your server

Virtualizing your servers, networking devices, and other machines can drastically lower costs and dramatically shorten IT infrastructure deployment times. However, implementing this requires a lot of IT support expertise that can’t just be pulled off by regular technicians.

Why healthcare needs cloud computing

If the primary focus of your healthcare practice is delivering high-quality patient care, then cloud computing is an essential tool for you. It is more reliable, convenient, and secure than offline solutions, which means it should be a top priority. Easy information access The increasing demand for doctors’ time means they have less time to […]

Bridging The Gap Between Healthcare & HIPAA Compliant Cloud Technology

In the healthcare sector, the storing and sharing of sensitive digitized patient data has become a significant undertaking and is a heavy burden on resources. Since 2015, independent practitioners and small healthcare entities started making significant investments in equipment, hardware and software, and tech-savvy personnel.

The Cloud: A Dream for Small Business

Every business relies on some amount of IT infrastructure to support its operations and serve customers. No matter what service or product you provide, you have some portion of your business operations dependent on an IT infrastructure. The problem small firms face is that their small scale makes it cost prohibitive to build and maintain a really robust, secure, and sufficiently monitored infrastructure and network.

Quick facts about virtualization and the cloud

Virtualization and cloud computing are sometimes mistaken as one and the same, causing much confusion. For the record, virtualization is different from cloud computing, but these two technologies usually overlap. Virtualization Imagine a company with five servers, each assigned a single task such as storage, email, etc.

Key issues regulated businesses should consider before moving to the cloud

Performance, security, cost, and availability are some of the factors companies must consider if they want their cloud migration to be a worthwhile upgrade rather than a whimsical one. Although with their own sets of obstacles, these factors offer an easy guideline for how businesses should transition from a traditional set-up to a cloud infrastructure.

3 Cloud service models

The cloud has become one of the most talked about, and arguably most important, tech concepts of the past decade. Many business owners and managers are aware of the benefits it can bring, but often stumble when they decide to implement a solution. It is really important to be aware of the different types of cloud services out there to make the right decision.