Security Awareness Training

Get them the education they need.

RESULTS’ Security Awareness Training Program provides direct to end-user training to dramatically reduce your company’s exposure to malware and fraud and provides a documented way to meet IT training compliance requirements.

RESULTS Technology will work with your designated program administer to setup and initiate your program which includes:

Baseline Phishing Test
To begin the program, a “Phishing” email is sent to all end users. This harmless email uses common social engineering techniques to lure recipients into clicking on an embedded link. If clicked, the link takes the user to a “splash page” letting them know they’ve been “phished,” and warning of the need to “Think before you click!” A tally of users who clicked on the link is captured and used for a baseline measure of training effectiveness.

Compliance Reporting
Reports are available to ensure that all employees are complying with the training program. The outcome of on-going phishing tests, Top 50 phishing “biters,” status of course enrollment, course completion and policy acknowledgement. Employees can be required to read and acknowledge your company’s IT Security, Acceptable Use or other policy at each course completion.

Annual Employee Security Awareness Training
All end users are enrolled in self-paced on-line security awareness training. The training illustrates with real life examples the danger of social engineering and the importance of constant vigilance to avoid malware infections. You have the option of presenting a full 40 minute module, a more compact 15 minute version or use both. Course material is updated annually to reflect the ever-changing internet threats.

On-going Phishing Tests
Quarterly phishing email campaigns can be conducted to compare to baseline results to measure training effectiveness, and to keep employees at their most alert. All end users can receive monthly email reminders, tips and alerts to reinforce and enhance the annual training.

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