Managed IT Services

We’ll keep your business IT optimized so you can reach your goals more efficiently

Our managed IT service meets the requirements of most small to medium-sized businesses. We proactively monitor, manage and maximize your IT assets to make technology work for your business. All of the following services are included for a monthly, consistent flat fee.

Support for the Business Owner

  • Satisfaction Guarantee – We stand behind our services and believe you’ll be satisfied. However, in the unlikely event that you are not satisfied with our services, you may cancel your agreement.
  • A Chief Technology Officer (CTO) – A CTO is someone whose primary responsibility is to provide guidance on all technical issues facing your business. All of our clients work directly with a CTO to receive unbiased expertise on critical IT business decisions including security and compliance risks and IT planning and budgets.
  • Quarterly IT Reviews (QBR) – Quarterly IT Reviews facilitates a process to make sure your IT is meeting your short-term and long-term business goals. Every three months we’ll sit down with you and have a high-level discussion on customer satisfaction, business requirements, budgeting issues, and how best to provide maximum ROI.
  • Annual in-depth IT Health Assessments – A yearly in-depth analysis of your company’s IT health enables us to identify issues and measure the alignment of your company’s IT health with your business goals. RESULTS’ Chief Technology Officer will review this with you and make recommendations for the next twelve months.
  • Full Documentation – We believe in documenting everything. Documenting your IT Policies and Procedures, Disaster Recovery Plans and other important technical information is vital to ensuring that everyone in the company has access to and follows the policies that you have set up.
  • Secure Client Web Portal – If you are informed you’ll make better decisions. That’s why we provide each client with their own web portal where they can review, manage and approve all IT related activities.

Support for Your Employees

  • Service Desk Support – When a computer is not responsive, it slows everyone down and makes for frustrated employees, and sometimes, unhappy customers. One call to our Service Desk and you’ll have a team of experts working to remediate the problem quickly and efficiently.
  • On-Site Support – Keeping your computers working and your employees productive is our number one objective. If we can’t fix your problem remotely, we will promptly come to your office, free of charge. We can also loan you replacement equipment if needed.
  • Security Awareness Training – Training your employees to recognize email phishing attempts can dramatically reduce your company’s exposure to data loss. Our Security Awareness Training also provides a documented way to meet IT training compliance requirements.

Support for your Technology

  • Managed Internet Security – Security and internet access go hand-in-hand. We will set up and manage access to your company’s internet connection as well as talk to your internet provider for you when trouble arises.
  • Backup – Our standard cloud backup is secure and vital to the protection of your company’s data. No more wondering if your data is retrievable. We backup everything to the cloud daily and make sure you have access to it in case of an emergency. Need more options? RESULTS Business Continuity Solution offers a different kind of backup service for those companies who have a lower tolerance for downtime.
  • Hosted Email and Email Security – Checking your email at your convenience just got a lot easier. Hosted email allows everyone in the company to have secure access to their email from anywhere, from any device, allowing you to keep up with email even when you can’t be in the office.
  • Mobile Device Management – Mobile devices are great for accessing your network when your employees are on- the-go. However, if a device is lost or stolen it can cause a significant security risk. Our Mobile Device Management service puts locking password protection on all mobile devices and remotely wipes the device of all company data if it is lost or stolen so your company information stays secure.
  • Microsoft Servers & Workstations – Keeping your hardware and software up-to-date can seem like a full-time job. We will remotely monitor and proactively manage all your servers and computers and provide all updates, patches, antivirus software, spyware removal, and service packs so you know longer have to be worry about it. We also manage computer-user changes as your business changes.
  • Network Devices – Hate dealing with printer issues or internet disruptions? We will remotely monitor and troubleshoot network printers, routers, switches, firewalls, non-windows servers and appliances so you can get back to work.