Invicta VPS

Enterprise-level cybersecurity protection for the small business

RESULTS announces a cybersecurity tool specifically for small businesses that rivals what the big guys have. Invicta (latin for invincible) VPS (stands for Vulnerability Protection System) is one of the most advanced cybersecurity tools available to small businesses today. When used in conjunction with firewalls, backup and antivirus tools, Invicta VPS provides security at a level that is compatible with most regulatory compliance requirements (HIPAA, FFIEC, PCI, NIST, etc.).

“Our last exam report was the best the bank has ever had and we are thrilled! The examiner was so impressed with Invicta VPS. He said this was a “Big-Bank” product” - Peggy Thomas, Chief Operations Officer.

Invicta VPS is designed to prevent and detect Advanced Persistent Threats (APTs). These threats sit quietly, harvesting your company’s sensitive information, or even worse, your client’s information for weeks or even months. APTs can also move around within your network, gain administrative rights, and even access secure areas of your network. APTs are truly one of the worst things that can happen to a company.

Case Study: Angelina Savings Bank

Here’s how Invicta VPS protects your network:

  • Once installed on your network, Invicta VPS gets right to work, enforcing policies on workstations and servers to ensure that only legitimate changes and activities are permitted.
  • The network is scanned daily for failed login attempts, changes to permissions and administrative accounts, changes to network configurations, detected malware or “hidden” applications.
  • Invicta VPS detects keyloggers, trojans, spyware, unauthorized registry changes, or other malicious activity.
  • A weekly network scan detects security vulnerabilities on all network-attached devices. External vulnerability scans are run quarterly against public firewall IP addresses.
  • An enhanced Ransomware detection system identifies malignant activity and immediately isolates the infected device and initiates corrective action.
  • Lost or stolen devices can be locked down and data destroyed on first connection to the internet.
  • All detected anomalies and alerts are forwarded to the RESULTS helpdesk for rapid remediation.
  • All reportable events are captured and analyzed by the RESULTS helpdesk and actions logged in the client-viewable ticketing and Invicta VPS portals. Monthly detail reports are captured and stored for client access in the RESULTS ticketing portal. All reports are reviewed by RESULTS technicians and summarized in the monthly Proactive Health Report.

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