An important differentiator

There are a lot of companies that can manage your computer network. There are even some that have experience in managing compliance needs. But RESULTS Technology goes a step further…

If you are regulated, and even if you are not, you know the importance of having appropriate documentation consisting of detailed descriptions and explanations of technology applications, systems, and procedures. You must maintain documentation for all technology resources, including non-technical policy and procedural guidance, technical information such as hardware and software configurations, and application source codes.

100% of respondents say that RESULTS' IT Policies and Procedures documentation has helped their company to follow best practices
- RESULTS Annual Client Survey

RESULTS Technology is the only technology services provider who provides you with a package containing all the documentation you require to meet regulatory requirements. All RESULTS clients receive:

  • Comprehensive IT Policies and Procedures templates.
  • A detailed Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery Plan template.
  • Quarterly Reviews and Annual IT Planning Assessments with recommendations.
  • Agenda Minutes and documentation of all meetings with RESULTS.
  • Packaged reports on system health, end-point and Internet security.
  • A one-page Executive Summary and Analysis.

Our Chief Technology Officer will assist you in modifying the documents with any unique requirements you may have and will help you keep these documents up-to-date.

You will also have an online Management and Reporting Portal that provides:

  • Status of your managed devices.
  • Detailed reports on each device.
  • Executive reports.
  • View, print, or export reports to Excel for:
    • System health
    • Security patch deployment
    • Antivirus updates
    • Asset reporting
    • Installed applications
    • System backups
    • And more…

This documentation is included as part of our service. You will never be charged for documents, document maintenance from the RESULTS Technology team.

“The documentation and reports that RESULTS provides has helped us with our compliance needs. I would definitely recommend RESULTS to a friend.”
- Employee of a collection services company in Shawnee -