Our Approach

Differentiator - noun: dif·fer·en·ti·a·tor

Unique features and/or benefits of a product, or aspects of a brand, that set it apart from competing products or brands.

Our approach to technology services is also our biggest differentiator. We know there are other companies out there that offer managed technology services, business continuity, disaster recovery, backup, cloud computing and so on. That’s why we go beyond what is the norm. Here’s how we strive to set ourselves apart from the competition.

Below is a list of the things that we do differently than our competitors:

  1. IT Health Assessment – Free in-depth IT Health Assessments are offered to all businesses considering using RESULTS’ technology services. Other IT service providers may also claim to offer this service, but they generally just use an electronic gathering tool and then give you a summary of your IT infrastructure.

    Our IT Health Assessment is much more in-depth. We use on-site observation, external vulnerability scans and client interviews in addition to data collection tools to generate a report that we discuss with you and give to you to keep. This kind of in-depth data can help you make critical business decisions today and better plan for your company’s future. You won’t find this level of detail anywhere else – especially for free.

  2. Our Chief Technology Officer - RESULTS Technology is proud to be one of the VERY few companies in the region who offer an actual Chief Technology Officer (CTO) as opposed to a “virtual CIO” like many of our competitors. This type of personal service enables you consistent, unbiased, expert consultation on your most important business investment – technology.

  3. IT Documentation - RESULTS Technology is the only technology services provider who provides you with a package containing all the documentation you require to meet regulatory requirements. Documentation prepares you for disasters, help to educate staff, and streamlines operations.

  4. Flat Rate Fee Structure – We don’t nickel and dime you every time you need a service. Our technology service solutions include everything you need at an affordable, predictable fee. Some computer service companies have several confusing packages or charge you as you go, depending on what service you’ve used that month. RESULTS’ flat rate is transparent and easy to understand, making it easier on your budget.

  5. Quarterly IT Review – RESULTS provides each of its clients, regardless of size, a Quarterly IT Business Review. While most services providers have some sort of client review process, very few do anything other than provide a listing of the status quo. At RESULTS, QBRs are in-depth and always performed by a qualified Customer Services Manager who discusses your level of customer satisfaction, any new business requirements, your budgeting issues, and how best to utilize technology to provide maximum ROI.

  6. Satisfaction Guarantee – Unlike our competitors, if you’re unhappy with our services, you have the option to terminate your contract. Simply give us 30 days to remediate whatever it is you’re unhappy about. If after that 30 days you are still not satisfied, you’re free to cancel your contract with no penalties whatsoever… It’s as easy as that.