The pros and cons of business continuity in the cloud

Are you weighing the pros and cons of the cloud for business continuity? Better uptime, fast resource provisioning and backup frequency are just a few reasons to take the plunge. Let’s take a closer look … Better uptime Backing up to an internal drive or an external hard drive won’t completely secure data.

Be Smart and Back Up Your Valuable Data

Storing copies of your business data in the cloud will help you avoid the risks associated with broken hard drives, lost or stolen devices, and human error. That’s because entrusting your data to an expert cloud provider means you’ll have trained professionals handling the backup of your business assets online. How should you go about […]

Protect your data from WannaCry

This month, ransomware has taken center stage yet again. WannaCry has already infected thousands of users around the world. In true ransomware fashion, WannaCry holds user data hostage until the victim decides to pay the ransom. What’s more alarming, however, is that the global success of this malware will likely spawn even more potent variants. […]