Quarterly IT Review

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At RESULTS Technology, we believe a consistent and proactive communication plan with clients is essential. And while informal day-to-day interaction is important, it's the formal and “programmatic” communication that provides a chance to discuss more strategic issues. That why RESULTS Technology provides each of its clients, regardless of size, a Quarterly Business Review.

A Quarterly Business Review (QBR) is a quarterly meeting that provides a high-level summary focused on customer satisfaction, business requirements, budgeting issues, and how best to provide maximum ROI. It’s also a great time to discuss short-term and long-term goals and strategic initiatives.

“RESULTS has been a good partner for our business as they bring a team of experts to help us with our technology needs. Their advice they provide has helped us in better understanding the technology we need for the future.”
- Executive VP of a company that designs, markets and manufactures textiles for the medical and consumer markets in Kansas City

While most services providers have some sort of case management, very few do anything other than provide a listing of the status quo. At RESULTS, QBRs are in-depth and always performed by a qualified Customer Satisfaction Manager who is a non-commissioned, technical expert with extensive knowledge of your particular technology environment.

Our Quarterly Business Reviews include an overall operational review of trending or recurring issues. We gauge your satisfaction level and determine how to serve you in the best way for your requirements. We’ll review your IT budget and identify potential upcoming costs. We’ll keep you informed of technology trends and opportunities that fit with your business goals.