Cloud Services

cloud solutions kansas cityMore and more business are beginning to turn to cloud service solutions simply because the cloud stores your information as an additional form of backup and allows you to access your business anytime, anywhere. Utilizing the cloud is fast, easy and extremely user-friendly. At RESULTS Technology , we give you access to the same data hosting solutions used by Fortune 500 companies for your email, file storage and backup solutions.

While all of your information is safely and securely in the cloud, maybe you don’t want it all in one cloud storage space. We offer hybrid cloud solutions to give your business flexibility to store some of its information in the cloud, while you keep the more sensitive data stored locally. Whether we supplement your IT department or become your IT department, you will save money while gaining access to the latest technology.

RESULTS' Cloud services are customized for clients without centralized servers and a mobile workforce that still require a high-level of collaboration, support and security.