What We Don’t Do

At RESULTS, we strive to establish a high-level of trust with our clients. A key to establishing that trust is managing the expectations that our clients have in all of our dealings with them. Managing expectations is one of our Core Values and we live it every day. When expectations are correctly set, there are far fewer unpleasant surprises.

We manage expectations through clear communication and by being responsible for everything we say, transparent in disclosing information, timely in our responses, realistic in our statements and fearless in expressing the truth. Part of clear communication is telling clients what we do but just as importantly, it also involves telling our clients what we DON’T DO.

We Do Not:

  1. Focus on products. We are specialists in offering managed services and although that may include hardware or software purchases, our role is to help you get the best price for commodity items, not to make money on them. We can, however, rent hardware and software to you for a monthly fee.
  2. Work with everyone. Our customers are small to mid-sized businesses. Businesses with less than 10 computers may be better served with a break-fix type of service company. Businesses that are on the large size may be better served by having an on-site IT department. A cost analysis is recommended to determine what the best fit is for your company. We can help you with that.
  3. Do it all. We leverage Microsoft expertise to do 3 things: managed services, cloud computing, and online backup. We are very good at this. Application development and implementation should be provided by specifically qualified vendors.
  4. Maintain like new. At some point, all products reach end of life and can no longer be supported. Regular updates, monitoring, and error removal is key. However, maintaining unsupported hardware or software is simply detrimental to your business in low productivity, dismal staff training and morale, and poor customer perception.
  5. Fix your toilet. Our technicians are multi-talented. And although they have been known to fix other things that are broken around your office (like toilets!), you probably shouldn’t expect that.
  6. We do however, provide IT security, IT compliance and peace of mind