Chief Technology Officer

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A common definition of an Information Technology Chief Technology Officer (CTO) is an executive whose primary responsibility is to manage and address technical issues that a company faces.

RESULTS Technology is proud to be one of the VERY few companies in the region who can offer an actual Chief Technology Officer (CTO) as opposed to a “virtual CIO” like many of our competitors. Our Chief Technology Officer is a human being who is actively involved in managing and monitoring your IT assets. The RESULTS’ CTO will help your company make a strategic business decision by having non-technical discussions and providing sound IT advice that can make a significant difference in your company’s competitive future.

RESULTS’ clients gain this resource at no extra charge. The RESULTS CTO will take time to understand what applications and information is key to keeping your organization running. We also take time to learn how your employees access these applications. We do this through an in-depth IT Health Assessment. During this Assessment, we gather not only that information, but we also identify any deficiencies that may exist that could affect your efficiency and ability to meet your client’s needs.

We compile this information into a summary that includes a basic GAP analysis. Your CTO will work with you to determine which of these deficiencies need to be addressed first and come up with a plan that addresses them within your budget. We also look for ways to improve efficiencies in how your technology operates.

This Assessment is performed at least once a year on each client’s network. In addition, Quarterly IT Reviews are provided for our banking clients.

In a recent survey, 97% of respondents said that the RESULTS Chief Technology Officer provides them the expertise and guidance needed to meet their compliance requirements.
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Other benefits of the CTO function include: