Microsoft offers Insider Program for Skype

One of the latest innovations from Microsoft involves various popular Insider Programs. The newest of these is a Skype Insider Program. Available for all desktop and mobile operating systems, this program is intended to grant business owners and individuals access to more frequent updates and new, special features to one of the most important voice over internet protocol (VoIP) applications on the market.

At its core, the new Skype Insider Program is a way to allow Skype users to beta test cutting-edge features and software fixes. In addition to granting users access to the latest features before they become public, this program also gives Microsoft a major advantage because more beta testers means it can roll out full updates and upgrades more quickly. After joining, users can test out a wide array of improvements for any Skype platform, including Android, iOS, OS X, or Windows.

However, it exists to test out how well new features work “in the wild,” and there is potential for bugs. “I would recommend people stay away from beta programs like this. Beta programs are basically not-ready for prime time and could potentially create problems,” suggests Mike Hummel, Regional Vice President of RESULTS Technology.

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